I'd wrench them off her fingers,

There's a tigress!' exclaimed Mrs Linton 1064 laser facial, setting her free, and shaking her hand with pain. `Begone, for God's sake, and hide your vixen face! How foolish to reveal those talons to him. Can't you fancy the conclusions he'll draw? Look, Heathcliff! they are instruments that will do execution--you must beware of your eyes.

if they ever menaced me,' he answered brutally, when the door had closed after her. `But what did you mean by teasing the creature in that manner, Cathy? You were not speaking the truth, were you?'

`I assure you I was,' she returned. `She has been pining for your sake several weeks; and raving about you this morning, and pouring forth a deluge of abuse, because I represented your failings in a plain light, for the purpose of mitigating her adoration. But don't notice it further: I wished to punish her sauciness, that's all. I like her too well, my dear Heathcliff, to let you absolutely seize and devour her up.'

`And I like her too ill to attempt it,' said he, `except in a very ghoulish fashion. You'd hear of odd things if I lived alone with that mawkish, waxen face: the most ordinary would be painting on its white the colours of the rainbow, and turning the blue eyes black, every day or two indoor swimming pool island east: they detestably resemble Linton's.'

`Delectably!' observed Catherine. `They are dove's eyes--angel's!'

`She's her brother's heir, is she not?' he asked, after a brief silence.

`I should be sorry to think so,' returned his companion. `Half a dozen nephews shall erase her title, please Heaven! Abstract your mind from the subject at present: you are too prone to covet your neighbour's goods; remember this neighbour's goods are mine.'

`If they were mine, they would be none the less that,' said Heathcliff; `but though Isabella Linton may be silly, she is scarcely mad; and, in short, we'll dismiss the matter, as you advise.'

From their tongues they did dismiss it; and Catherine, probably, from her thoughts. The other, I felt certain, recalled it often in the course of the evening. I saw him smile to himself--grin rather--and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs Linton had occasion to be absent from the apartment rental car companies.