Genting Hong Kong re-ups deal to buy gaming equipment for cruises

Genting Hong Kong (Genting HK), the casino ship operator and gaming investment firm, has renewed an agreement with FreeStyle Gaming pTE Ltd. The agreement will allow Genting HK to buy equipment and devices for electronic games, specifically for cruise lines operated by the group.

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FreeStyle Gaming is a branch of Resorts World Inc, the Singapore based gaming company. That company has split ownership between Genting Bhd, the Malaysian parent company of Genting HK, and by the group?ˉs chairman Lim Kok Thay.

Reportedly, the deal will run from January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2021, and will allow for a cap of US$1 million in purchases for the first year, and US$3 million for the following years. The increased caps for 2020 and 2021 are necessary to provide a buffer incase demand increases, the company noted.

In December, Genting HK consolidated by relinquishing its stake in Norwegian Cruise Lines, specifically so it could free up capital to make future investments and purchases. Although this new agreement seems to be a bit more of an internal deal, the additional money probably helped move things along.

Genting HK will achieve several goals with the new equipment. It will help diversify the games on offering on their ships, which will help them attract a broader range of customers, ultimately keeping them competitive against the industry.

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It?ˉs a move that might be necessary, as gambling in the region, and on cruise lines, starts to ramp up. Indian cruise lines recently demanded that gambling be allowed on their ships. Tourists will soon have options in Asia for their holiday gambling excursions, so Genting HK wants to be well prepared.

Furthermore, the games are expected to help them cut costs by reducing manpower. Genting isn?ˉt done trying to find money between the cushions for future deals, or lawsuits.

This announcement comes just one day after Genting HK?ˉs parent company announced it had appointed a new deputy CEO, the boss?ˉs son Lim Keong Hui.

Samsung profit hits record in wake of humiliating recall

LOW-HANGING FRUIT:Analysts said the company is profiting from previous big investments in new technologies, but faces a threat from emerging Chinese rivals pursuing similar strategies
Sprawling South Korean conglomerate Samsung Electronics Co has recovered from a humiliating recall fiasco and the arrest of its de facto leader with remarkable speed, analysts said, after the tech giant stunned investors with record-breaking profits.

However, the world’s top smartphone maker, one of the huge family-run chaebols which dominate the South Korean economy, could be confronted by tougher challenges in the future as Chinese rivals take aim at its semiconductor business and questions emerge over the firm’s leadership.

Samsung took observers by surprise this week when it posted a forecast-beating 14.1 trillion won (US$12.5 billion) in operating profits in the second quarter — a 73 percent jump from the previous year — putting it on course to better rival Apple Inc for the first time.

Consensus forecasts of Apple’s operating profits, due to be reported this week, are estimated at around US$10.6 billion.

Samsung said huge sales of its new Galaxy S8 smartphone and demand for its memory chips were behind the jump in the April-to-June period and predicted another blockbuster report for the current quarter ending in September.

The semiconductor business, which provides chips to other companies, including Apple, raked in 8.03 trillion won in operating profit in the second quarter, up 204 percent from the previous year, the company said.

Geoffrey Cain, author of an upcoming book on the Samsung empire, said the firm was simply riding the wave of “huge investments in strategic industries like chipsets and OLED panels” it made years ago.

“Samsung has plantations of fruit ready to be picked, even if a few like its Note 7 went rotten,” Cain said.

Rising global demand for semiconductors has pushed prices high to Samsung’s benefit, said Chung Sun-sup, an expert who runs the Web site that tracks the corporate assets and practices of South Korean conglomerates.

“The company will enjoy the global semiconductor boom over the next few years,” Chung said.

However, the bigger challenge for Samsung is what happens after the harvest, as the firm faces questions over its “untested” leader and the growing threat from Chinese rivals.

The firm’s de facto leader Lee Jae-yong is in custody after a February indictment over a nationwide bribery scandal that toppled then-South Korean president Park Geun-hue.

The leadership vacuum should not affect day-to-day operations of the Samsung empire, Chung said, largely due to the company’s dispersed management structure.

However, with a handful of its key executives battling allegations of bribery, Samsung’s ability to take major decisions on long-term business investment will be compromised.

Even if Lee returns to work, the Samsung heir “remains untested on the market,” Cain said. “Few people outside Samsung truly know what he’s capable of, because his succession has always been guaranteed.”

Samsung’s success riding on its semiconductor business will face increasing headwinds, analysts warned, as it faces rapidly emerging Chinese rivals spending billions of dollars to dominate the global chip market.

“The Chinese chipset makers are studying, mimicking and playing catch-up in the realm of semiconductors,” Cain said, comparing the practice to what South Korea had done to Japan previously and how Japan caught up with the US in the 1950s and 1960s.
To become the next Samsung is the ultimate dream of these Chinese chipset makers, Cain said.

“It’s entirely feasible, and Samsung should be terrified,” he added.

William's in his regimentals

My dear Mr. Bennet, you must not expect such girls to have the sense of their father and mother. -- When they get to our age, I dare say they will not think about officers any more than we do. I remember the time when I liked a red coat myself very well -- and indeed Managed Cloud, so I do still at my heart; and if a smart young colonel, with five or six thousand a year, should want one of my girls, I shall not say nay to him; and I thought Colonel Forster looked very becoming the other night at Sir."

"Mama," cried Lydia, "my aunt says that Colonel Forster and Captain Carter do not go so often to Miss Watson's as they did when they first came; she sees them now very often standing in Clarke's library."

Mrs. Bennet was prevented replying by the entrance of the footman with a note for Miss Bennet; it came from Netherfield, and the servant waited for an answer. Mrs. Bennet's eyes sparkled with pleasure, and she was eagerly calling out, while her daughter read,

"Well, Jane, who is it from? what is it about? what does he say? Well, Jane, make haste and tell us; make haste, my love."

"It is from Miss Bingley," said Jane, and then read it aloud.

"My dear Friend,

IF you are not so compassionate as to dine to-day with Louisa and me, we shall be in danger of hating each other for the rest of our lives, for a whole day's te^te-a`-te^te between two women can never end without a quarrel. Come as soon as you can on the receipt of this. My brother and the gentlemen are to dine with the officers. Yours ever,


"With the officers!" cried Lydia. "I wonder my aunt did not tell us of that."

"Dining out," said Mrs. Bennet, "that is very unlucky."

"Can I have the carriage?" said Jane.

"No, my dear, you had better go on horseback, because it seems likely to rain; and then you must stay all night."

"That would be a good scheme," said Elizabeth, "if you were sure that they would not offer to send her home."

"Oh! but the gentlemen will have Mr. Bingley's chaise to go to Meryton; and the Hursts have no horses to theirs."

"I had much rather go in the coach."

"But, my dear, your father cannot spare the horses, I am sure. They are wanted in the farm, Mr. Bennet, are not they?"

"They are wanted in the farm much oftener than I can get them."

"But if you have got them to-day," said Elizabeth, "my mother's purpose will be answered."

She did at last extort from her father an acknowledgment that the horses were engaged. Jane was therefore obliged to go on horseback, and her mother attended her to the door with many cheerful prognostics of a bad day. Her hopes were answered; Jane had not been gone long before it rained hard. Her sisters were uneasy for her, but her mother was delighted. The rain continued the whole evening without intermission; Jane certainly could not come back.

"This was a lucky idea of mine, indeed!" said Mrs. Bennet, more than once, as if the credit of making it rain were all her own. Till the next morning, however, she was not aware of all the felicity of her contrivance. Breakfast was scarcely over when a servant from Netherfield brought the following note for Elizabeth HKUE ENG:

Through so that the journey time weaken my rampant

Lu Xiaoman is our Daqian man in the world and why not HKUE amec? Will always be around a lot of bends to understand, treasure, only through a lot of way to know that the original lost is always the most true. Just as the story of a small time when the monkey picking things, and we always laugh at the monkey himself picked up a sesame lost watermelon. And our life is not dermes, step by step, there will always be lost a lot of really, and picked up a lot of unnecessary troubles. And when we wake up, all the most precious things are not in the. So there will be a lot of regret in life, many regrets. But this is life, helpless with sadness. Let the young heart, put on the thick of life. Some thin strings will touch the heart of the deep roots of the sensitive nerve. So we always for some into the heart of the text, and touched, for some into the heart of music is crazy.

Through so that the journey time weaken my rampant, years make my heart on the arms of the dream, in time to fly. May also be growing slowly understand many truths, let my heart calm a lot, and read some books, deeply understand that as long as the heart of the peach blossom source, where not Shuiyun? Perhaps always turned in the fall came to understand that life is not easy, heart will be full of sunshine, you can see everywhere bright spring days. To deeply understand that everyone has a defect, especially friends and relatives, and we can not seize their flaws, let the heart open point, everywhere is worth to be grateful, with a thankful heart to embrace the world.

And I am very glad that I am not very old, know the value of family, more cherish affection. Understand that life is just a lifetime, even if you have more, not all to return to the time. But we have to do is to love yourself, love your family, compassion for the people, the heart of gratitude for all things Server Hosting. Be beautiful, the world is full of beauty.

South Bank of Poyang Lake

Letter River, surrounded on three sides by water, apartments for rentmaple strains lake reservoir around the ridge Keng Cun south, West and North in three directions, in front of my hometown of the pond mother taught me called Yin Tang. 1995 October transferred to different places a small town work ridge Keng Cun is my hometown Cai Longcun a natural village, the parents are alive, our family eve reenexry year the Spring Festival, will and go back home to see his parents, with them to spend the Spring Festival, every time after the end of the year or years in the village lived a few nights, in the village stay is not a couple of weeks will head back to second home in different places to work. Therefore, the hometown of recent changes is not very clear; some impressions of the deep enough; re
reenex member the village in the eastern side of the verdant horse Jiayou, about twenty acres, grapefruit trees grow as high, then began to grow fruit.

Winter season, the day before yesterday or snow, near white capped snow shrouded hills and greenery, white covered with the maple trees Lake; recently after the snow cleared, lofty sky, floating clouds, in front of the white walls and black tiles fall with white snow, around the pond knot ice, like winter visitors to break the ice and into. Last week on Saturday, my wife and I drove snow returned to the home ridge Keng Zi Ran Cun, again see the village in the eastern side of this piece of green Yo Yo Ma grapefruit. In the village the Uncle Zhang said: "this year, we not only for the horse Jiayou, Tiangui pear, strawberry, cherry, you see the opposite the exposed red clay of the large area of hillside, we some time ago just opened up