South Bank of Poyang Lake

Letter River, surrounded on three sides by water, apartments for rentmaple strains lake reservoir around the ridge Keng Cun south, West and North in three directions, in front of my hometown of the pond mother taught me called Yin Tang. 1995 October transferred to different places a small town work ridge Keng Cun is my hometown Cai Longcun a natural village, the parents are alive, our family eve reenexry year the Spring Festival, will and go back home to see his parents, with them to spend the Spring Festival, every time after the end of the year or years in the village lived a few nights, in the village stay is not a couple of weeks will head back to second home in different places to work. Therefore, the hometown of recent changes is not very clear; some impressions of the deep enough; re
reenex member the village in the eastern side of the verdant horse Jiayou, about twenty acres, grapefruit trees grow as high, then began to grow fruit.

Winter season, the day before yesterday or snow, near white capped snow shrouded hills and greenery, white covered with the maple trees Lake; recently after the snow cleared, lofty sky, floating clouds, in front of the white walls and black tiles fall with white snow, around the pond knot ice, like winter visitors to break the ice and into. Last week on Saturday, my wife and I drove snow returned to the home ridge Keng Zi Ran Cun, again see the village in the eastern side of this piece of green Yo Yo Ma grapefruit. In the village the Uncle Zhang said: "this year, we not only for the horse Jiayou, Tiangui pear, strawberry, cherry, you see the opposite the exposed red clay of the large area of hillside, we some time ago just opened up