Through so that the journey time weaken my rampant

Lu Xiaoman is our Daqian man in the world and why not HKUE amec? Will always be around a lot of bends to understand, treasure, only through a lot of way to know that the original lost is always the most true. Just as the story of a small time when the monkey picking things, and we always laugh at the monkey himself picked up a sesame lost watermelon. And our life is not dermes, step by step, there will always be lost a lot of really, and picked up a lot of unnecessary troubles. And when we wake up, all the most precious things are not in the. So there will be a lot of regret in life, many regrets. But this is life, helpless with sadness. Let the young heart, put on the thick of life. Some thin strings will touch the heart of the deep roots of the sensitive nerve. So we always for some into the heart of the text, and touched, for some into the heart of music is crazy.

Through so that the journey time weaken my rampant, years make my heart on the arms of the dream, in time to fly. May also be growing slowly understand many truths, let my heart calm a lot, and read some books, deeply understand that as long as the heart of the peach blossom source, where not Shuiyun? Perhaps always turned in the fall came to understand that life is not easy, heart will be full of sunshine, you can see everywhere bright spring days. To deeply understand that everyone has a defect, especially friends and relatives, and we can not seize their flaws, let the heart open point, everywhere is worth to be grateful, with a thankful heart to embrace the world.

And I am very glad that I am not very old, know the value of family, more cherish affection. Understand that life is just a lifetime, even if you have more, not all to return to the time. But we have to do is to love yourself, love your family, compassion for the people, the heart of gratitude for all things Server Hosting. Be beautiful, the world is full of beauty.